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Adrenaline Gamer brings more control to Death Match servers in HL
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Even though Half-Life had a lot of multi-player mods, the original Half-Life deathmatch mode was very popular and it is still played on a number of servers. However, when the players wanted a bit more flexibility what came to the rescue was a small user-made mod. The mod was called Adrenaline Gamer, and at first it was intended for server control and cheat protection, but in the end it became something much more. The mod is a small file with configuration files that are installed into Half-Life and when a server is launched you get a lot of control over that server. First of all, you can change the game mode, from Deathmatch to Team Deathmatch, Arena, Arcade, InstaGib, Last Man Standing, Last Team Standing, among others. You also get server physics changed, weapon changes, and player changes. It all made the death-match much more entertaining and sometimes very crazy. The mod is still used in a lot of Half-Life deathmatch servers and it is guaranteed to make your LAN parties a blast. It's just a small file and it's free.

Ismael Mireles
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